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What is TV Everywhere and How Does it Work?

TV Everywhere is actually exactly what you think it is… The ability to take your TV subscription everywhere, using a mobile device, computer or Smart TV.  The great thing is that it’s free to Service Electric Cable TV subscribers with a “My Account” login. Depending on the app, you can often watch both live TV and/or stream shows from an archive.  As long as you have an Internet signal, you can use TV Everywhere!

What you will need to get started:

  1. A cable TV account with Service Electric
  2. Your “My Account” username and password
  3. A “Watch TV Everywhere” account (enroll here)
  4. A device connected to the Internet (phone, tablet, computer, smart TV, etc,)

So now you have checked off the items above and are ready to go.  Let’s get started on the setup, which is very simple.  First, you need to visit the Service Electric TV Everywhere Page or the Watch TV Everywhere page (requires login) using your device, and choose the network that you want to watch. (Note that not all networks are available with all cable packages. For instance, to watch ESPN using TV Everywhere, you must have the Full Basic lineup. Similarly with premium channels, if you want to watch HBO using TV Everywhere, you must subscribe to HBO through Service Electric.)

You will be prompted to choose the platform (computer, iOS or Android). For mobile devices, you must then choose to install the app. On a computer you will be taken to the website. Next, you must sign in to the app and link to “Service Electric Cable TV and Communications” as your TV provider. (Note: You will have to use the Search feature, and DO NOT Choose “Service Electric Cablevision”). You will have to sign in to your Service Electric account, and In some cases, you may be asked to login to your TV Everywhere account or an account with the network provider. Typically, additional logins are required so you can see enhanced content options.

Although every app is different, there are some things that they have in common.  If you do not see a place to login to your provider, check the account icon to see if it reveals that option to you. Here are the 6 easy steps to getting started with TV Everywhere…

  1. Have login information ready for Service Electric “My Account” and “Watch TV Everywhere” account.
  2. Go to the TV Everywhere page on the Service Electric website.
  3. Select the network and choose your device platform.
  4. Install the app and open it.
  5. Sign in using Service Electric Cable TV and Communications as your provider.
  6. Start using the app for live TV or streaming if available.

How many logins can I have for my “Watch TV Everywhere” account?

You can have up to 4 logins per account

What if I'm having trouble signing into TV Everywhere?

Make sure you are subscribed to the proper tier of service. Most TV Everywhere channels only require Full Basic Lineup, however some channels may require additional tiers of service. Make sure you are enrolled in “Watch TV Everywhere”. If you recently added or modified your cable service(s), it may take up to one business day to activate additional channels.

What if I forget my “Watch TV Everywhere” login?

You can reset your login here or call Service Electric for assistance.

Can I share my login?

No, sharing a login may result in suspension of TV Everywhere services on your account.