John Walson Sr.

Service Electric Celebrates 75 Years!

Service Electric Cable TV and Communications is celebrating 75 years since our founder, John Walson, invented cable TV in June of 1948. He was officially recognized as the creator of cable TV by the U.S. Congress.

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What Are Sun Spots and Why Do They Affect My Cable TV?

Do you ever notice that your TV signal might randomly break up in the afternoon during the late winter into early spring or late summer into early fall?  You’re not seeing things!  This is actually the sun interfering with your TV signal. Learn more...

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Parental Controls

Parental Controls with Cable TV and Internet

With the amount of programming available on cable TV, through streaming services, and on the Internet, it can be easy for kids to stumble upon inappropriate content.  Learn how to limit what your kids can see.

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What is TV Everywhere and How Does it Work?

TV Everywhere is actually exactly what you think it is… The ability to take your TV subscription everywhere, using a mobile device, computer or Smart TV.  The great thing is that it’s free to Service Electric cable TV subscribers with a “My Account” login. Depending on the app, you can often watch both live TV and/or stream shows from an archive.  As long as you have an Internet signal, you can use TV Everywhere!

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