Voice Solutions for the Modern Business

Cloud-Based VoIP + POTS

Our hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) technology is the perfect solution for virtually any size business.  Using a broadband Internet connection, this solution provides a reliable, secure platform and does not require your business to maintain an in-house phone system, saving time and reducing operational costs.  The digital signal is converted to analog and sent to your phones by the existing copper wire, connecting the “Plain Old Telephone Service” (POTS) lines.

This is an excellent solution that combines a full-featured, cloud-based VoIP system with analog telephones, alarm systems, and FAX machines. It also offers excellent call quality, portability and scalability as your business grows.  Some of the recommended phone systems include the AT&T SyncJ and the VTech AM18447.

PRI/PBX Services

Our Primary Rate Interface (PRI) service supports 23 simultaneous phone calls (in or out) on one digital circuit.  Using SIP trunking, voice data is sent and received in packets.  The PRI provides the voice and data channels then connects to an in-house Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or hosted PBX.  Typically, this solution is used for companies with 12 lines or more and enterprise-level solutions, and requires a greater commitment to telephony infrastructure than VoIP+POTS.

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