Get a $60 Credit

Refer a friend to Service Electric, and get a $60.00 account credit if they sign up for new service!

Refer a friend to Service Electric, and get a $60.00 account credit if they sign up for new service!

Fill out and submit the form below to refer a friend. A Service Electric sales associate will contact your friend and make sure they get a great offer! You will receive a one-time account credit of $60.00 after they sign up!

Limit 20 referrals per year.


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What do I receive for referring a friend?

You (the referring customer) will receive a one-time credit of $60.00 placed on your active Service Electric account, after your friend is signed up and installed with new service.

What will my friend (the person I refer) receive?

Your friend will select from our various ”Tell-A-Friend” offers, which are the best offers available at the time they sign up.

How will my referral be contacted?

A Service Electric Customer Service Representative will contact your referral at the phone number and/or email address provided in the referral form.

Who is eligible for the referral credit?

Our Tell-A-Friend offer is available to active Service Electric subscribers who complete the Tell-A-Friend form. Any new customers whom you referred must be installed within 60 days of the referral submission. Former subscribers whose service has been disconnected for less than 90 days, or who have back balances existing, will not qualify for the Tell-A-Friend offer. Service Electric Employees are not eligible for this program. Tell-A-Friend offer also not available to commercial or bulk addresses.

How and when will I be credited?

The referral credit will be applied to the referring customer’s active account within 30 days of the referred customer being installed with new service.

Is there a limit for the amount of people I can refer?

Service Electric will issue up to 20 referral credits per calendar year.

Must my friend remain a Service Electric subscriber for a certain duration of time?

While your friend must keep Service Electric for a minimum of 6 months under the Tell-A-Friend program, they will not be required to sign a contract.

All information provided above must be accurate. If the new subscriber cancels within 6 months of being installed, the referrer’s credit will become null and void. Tell-A-Friend promotion applicable only to Service Electric Cable TV & Communications.