Equipment Replacement Costs

Cable TV Equipment

  • DVR Converter – $300.00
  • High Definition Converter – $300.00
  • Digital Tuner – $150.00
  • HD Digital Tuner – $150.00
  • TiVo – $400.00
  • TiVo Mini – $110.00
  • Next Generation TiVo – $400.00
  • Next Generation TiVo Mini – $110.00
  • TiVo 4K Streamer – $30.00
  • Cable Card (rented monthly) – $125.00
  • HD Standard Converter – $150.00

Internet Equipment

  • Cable Modem DOCSIS 3.1 – $225.00
  • Cable Modem/Wireless Router Combo DOCSIS 3.1 – $275.00
  • eero Base Unit – $200.00
  • eero Beacon – $200.00

Telephone Equipment

  • MTA (telephone modem) – $100.00

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Service fees are due each month on the date shown on the bill. Service Electric has the right to suspend or disconnect service for non-payment of bills or for dishonored negotiable instruments e.g. returned checks. Unpaid balances and applicable recovery fees will apply in order for restoration of service.

All prices do not include installation charges, taxes and additional fees. Services, service features, channels, promotions and packages are not available in all areas. Service Electric reserves the right to change services, service features, channels, packages, promotions and prices at any time. You may be required to pre-pay one month of service pending a credit check. Commercial pricing may differ. All prices shown are for residential customers only unless specifically noted.

It is advisable to be familiar with Service Electric’s billing rules in order to prevent billing disputes. The sooner a billing dispute is brought to our attention, the easier it will be to resolve to everyone’s satisfaction. We are unaware of a problem unless it is brought to our attention by calling the Billing Department. Any disagreement or dispute concerning a bill must be made within 60 days of the billing date. Charges disputed after this period of time will not be considered negotiable.