TiVo Whole-Home DVR with Voice Remote

Watch what you want, when you want - with TiVo from Service Electric. Add TiVo to Your Entertainment Experience!

TiVo Whole-Home DVR with Voice Remote allows the entire family to watch your favorite programming, on any TV in the house, live or recorded, all from a single HD DVR system! Plus you can watch and record up to 6 shows at once, and never feel like you have to choose which shows are more important than others. With a massive 1 TB hard drive and a recording capacity of up to 150 hours of HD TV (700 hours of regular TV), you can record them all!

TiVo brings your favorite content together on your TV by giving you access to a variety of streaming video apps with just a touch of a button. No switching inputs or remotes. Search for a title, team, actor, or keyword across live TV, on-demand, and streaming apps and TiVo will find it and even record every episode! Now easily access all the great content on SEN, OnDemand, Netflix, YouTube, Vudu, Plex, Pandora, WWE, HSN, and more!