What Factors Increase the Cost of Cable TV?

Network programming costs are the single, largest surcharge on your monthly cable bill, but why is that?

Each year during negotiations, networks ask Service Electric for increases of double, triple or more of their current rates. They are increasing the cost to carry their channels, without offering anything new or different. Service Electric must negotiate each year to keep these costs under control for you and your family.  Here are some links that will help you to understand more about how the system works and why, in many respects, the system is broken.

Learn about the cost of cable TV and get common questions answered about pricing and what you can do.

Service Electric is doing everything we can to control prices – Learn how we negotiate with networks.

A lot of people also complain that they don’t even watch sports, but they still get charged for the “sports packages” with their cable. – Learn why these sports packages are included and why they cost so much.

Hopefully, this information will shed some light on why you, the customer, continue to see your cable TV bill increasing. As more and more people move toward streaming and away from cable TV, it will be interesting to see how the networks react.