The Reality Behind Cable Costs

Programming Costs are Skyrocketing

Get Answers to your Questions

Why did my bill go up?

While we strive to keep our rates as low as possible for our customers, we do need to periodically adjust our rates because of increases incurred through programming and business costs. The TV networks continue to increase their costs at an alarming rate. We will continue to negotiate to keep our rates as low as possible. Learn More About Costs →

My bill is confusing. Can you explain it?

Your bill is broken into sections, depending on which services you have through Service Electric. You can get an explanation of your entire bill here.

Are other cable providers charging these fees too?

All cable providers are facing the same challenges. At Service Electric we are doing everything we can to keep our prices reasonable and keep your money in your pocket.

I don't want / need all of these channels. What can I do?

The Service Electric channel lineups are created based on a variety of factors. Unfortunately, the network broadcasters intentionally ‘bundle’ less popular channels with popular ones, forcing us to offer them as a package, as opposed to ‘a la carte’ selections.

How long will my special pricing run?

If you are signed up for a promotion, it will appear as a credit on your bill each month through the end of the promotional period. You are welcome to check with us at any time regarding current promotions to see if you qualify.

Why do I have to pay for broadcast TV?

Although broadcast TV stations are free over antenna, the government allows them to charge cable and satellite companies for their “free” signal. If Service Electric refuses to pay, the network will black out the stations. Learn More →

I don't even watch sports. Why do I pay a Sports Surcharge?

A variety of college and professional sports teams are increasing rates faster than Service Electric can keep up. The networks intermix these sports channels with others in a bundle. As a result, cable TV viewers with our Full Basic lineup pay for this service, even if you don’t use it. Learn More →

I only watch a handful of channels. Why do I pay for the others?

Unfortunately, the networks have intentionally made it impossible to have ‘a la carte’ channel selection. Service Electric must carry all channels from certain networks, even if only a few channels are desirable. We are forced to carry ‘tiers’ as part of our agreement, driving your costs higher. We typically absorb some or all of the rate increase, but sometimes have to pass a portion on to you. This way, the network owners have an opportunity to get even more advertising revenue through lower viewed channels. Learn More →

Who can I contact about the price of cable?

There are several ways for you to make your voice heard. Learn How to Contact Legislators. If you would like to speak with a Service Electric customer service representative, you can call 610-865-9100 in the Lehigh Valley and New Jersey, or 570-825-8508 in Wilkes-Barre.