The Next Generation of Cable TV

TiVo Evolution Box

with the SE Stream App

Your TiVo Evolution Comes Preloaded with the SE Stream App!

The SE Stream app gives you access to your cable subscription channel lineup plus more! It includes SEN+ (Service Electric Network), which features live and exclusive local programming like high school and collegiate sports, LV Phantoms hockey, LV IronPigs baseball, Musikfest plus live, bonus TiVo channels at no extra cost!

Look at all the advantages of TiVo Evolution with the SE Stream App!

  • Wirelessly access your cable lineup and more on the TiVo Evolution box via WiFi. No coax or ethernet cables required!
  • Record up to 6 shows simultaneously with the SE Stream app, and watch anywhere, anytime.
  • Watch without the hassle of switching between inputs.
  • Access to over 5,000 apps and games on Google Play.
  • Personalized, advanced search with Google Assistant Voice Remote.
  • “Start Over” allows you to restart a live show from the beginning.
  • “Catch Up” lets you watch a show that has aired previously.
  • Never lose your recorded library, and enjoy 100 hours of Cloud-based DVR storage.
  • Enjoy 45+ free live TiVo channels

Your TiVo Evolution Box and Remote Guide:

What comes with your TiVo Evolution Box?

  • 4″ x 4″ TiVo Evolution Box
  • Remote
  • 2 AA Batteries
  • Power Adapter
  • HDMI Cable

What additional bonus channels do I get?

There are 95 live Pluto TV channels integrated with the streaming app, plus these additional live TiVo channels, for a total of more than 140 bonus channels!

AccuWeather Now
Adventure Sports Network
Alien Nation
Ameba TV
American Classics
Architectural Digest
Bein Sports Extra
bon appetit
Cheddar News
Electric Now
Fail Army
Filmrise Classic TV
Filmrise Family
Filmrise Food
Filmrise True Crime
Funny or Die
Gusto TV
Hallmark Movies & More
Home Shopping Network
It’s Showtime at the Apollo
Just for Laughs – Gags
Kartoon Channel
Law & Crime
MagellanTV Now
Maverick Black Cinema
Motorvision TV
Nature Vision
Outside TV
People are Awesome
PGA Tour
Power Nation
Scripps News
Swerve Combat
The Asylum
the Grio
The Pet Collective
True History
USA Today

Evolution Box Features - FRONT

  • Status Indicator LED – Indicates the power status of the box
    • Red = Rebooting & Remote Commands
    • White = On
  • Infrared Sensor (at the top) – Used to communicate with the remote

TiVo Evolution - Front

Evolution Box Features - BACK

  • DC Power Port:  Used to connect to the power adapter
  • Optical Audio Port:  Used to connect audio to a sound bar or sound system
  • HDMI Port:  Used to connect the Evolution box to your TV set
  • Ethernet Port:  Used to connect to a router/modem (note WiFi also available)
  • AV Cable Port:  Used to connect older TV sets that do not have an HDMI Port

TiVo Evolution - Back

Evolution Box Features - SIDE

  • Micro SD Card Slot
  • USB 2.0 Port
  • USB 3.0 Port
  • Factory Reset Button

TiVo Evolution - Side

Remote Button Functionality


  • Power:  Turn the box and TV on or off
  • Input:  Select the TV input
  • Volume:  Control the volume on your TV
  • Guide:  Show the live TV schedule and on-screen guide
  • Channel:  Navigate through the on-screen channel guide
  • Home (TiVo Button):  Return to the home screen or main menu
  • Mute:  Turn the sound on and off
  • Info: Find out information about the current program
  • Controller Keys:  Navigate up, down, left or right. Rewind/Forward
  • Center OK Button:  Make a selection
  • Back:  Open the menu or return to the previous screen
  • DVR:  Show recorded and scheduled shows
  • Google Assistant (Four Colorful Circles):  Use a Voice Search and say a command
  • Last:  Return to the last viewed channel
  • Apps (9 dots):  See installed apps or install an app with Google Play
  • Number Buttons: Enter channel or PIN numbers

Installing Apps

Installing Apps

  • Click Apps button (9 Dots) or click the Google Assistant shortcut button
  • Press the ‘OK’ button to download the app
  • Enter login information to App if required

Uninstalling Apps

  • Navigate to the app you would like to remove
  • Press and hold the “OK” button until a menu box appears
  • Select “Uninstall”


Comparison of The new TiVo Evolution box to Legacy TiVo:

FEATURES TiVo Evolution  TiVo Legacy System
Availability Streaming apps in Google Play Store Limited to a few apps in TiVo interface
Navigation Easy to select through “Apps” button Available in channel menu
Position Most used apps show first Position is static in menu
Navigation Scroll or enter numbers Scroll or enter numbers
Channel Selection Based on cable subscription + bonus Based on cable subscription
HD and SD Channels Single listing for both HD and SD Separate channels for HD and SD
Extra Channels 45+ TiVo live bonus channels No extra channels
Favorites Select visibility for favorite channels Select visibility for favorite channels
Replay Replay past shows for up to 72 hours No replay of past shows
Filter Set filters for live shows by genre No option to filter live shows
User Interface
Show Selection Live, recorded or anytime on demand Live or recorded, no on-demand
Recommendations Based on past, popular, genre, new, etc. No recommendations
Profiles Includes 5 unique profiles No profiles
Recording Time 100 hours (HD)* 150 Hours (HD)
Platform Cloud-Based Local hard drive
Drive Failure Never lose recordings in the cloud Local drive fails, recordings are lost
Deletion 1 year storage until deleted “Keep Until I Delete” Option
Recording Limit Records until storage is full Can adjust “keep at most” setting
Recover Deleted Cannot recover deleted shows Can recover deleted shows
Extend Recording Up to 60 minutes Up to 3 hours
Manual Recording No manual recording Select day, channel, start/stop

*Up to 300 hours available for additional fee

You can get SE STREAM by calling us at 610-865-9100 or stopping by one of our customer service locations.

SE Stream is Available as follows:

TiVo Evolution box (SE Stream pre-loaded)
[NOTE: TiVo Evolution boxes are available from Service Electric if you do not have a compatible, large-screen streaming device listed below]

Downloadable app is available by searching “Service Electric” or “SE Stream” on the following device platforms:
iOS-iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Android TV, Amazon Firestick, Amazon Fire Tablet, LG Smart TV.
Also available on a Browser-Based Web Interface at


Currently available to Lehigh Valley customers only.